Casey Ellis is Chairman, Founder, and CTO of Bugcrowd.

He started life in cybersecurity as penetration tester nearly 20 years ago, then moved to the dark side of solutions architecture and sales before landing as a career entrepreneur. His career has seen him work with clients ranging from startups to governments to multinationals, where he has specialized in troubleshooting and bridging gaps between the technical and business sides of information security.

Casey pioneered the crowdsourced security as-a-service model, launching the first programs on Bugcrowd in 2012, and continues to spearhead the open-source vulnerability disclosure safe-harbor project, first launched in 2014.

A sought-after speaker and media commentator, he has presented at Blackhat, RSA Conference, Usenix ENIGMA, Derbycon, SOURCEConf, AISA, AusCERT, and others, and has been quoted or appeared in almost every major media outlet in the United States and Australia.

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Casey now lives in the Bay Area and spends his off-hours with family, playing music, or snowboarding. He’s best contacted via Twitter, email at (using the PGP key 0xEFC513EA), or via iMessage/Signal.

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