my moves during the rsac/bsidessf circus

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Quick post re where I’ll be speaking and attending while the infosec/cyberz are in town for RSA Conference and B-Sides:

ps all of the Bugcrowd parties, workshops, and meetups are listed here. If you want to attend Mayhem, make sure you sign up!!! It’s getting to be kind of a big deal.

If you see me getting around and want to say hello please do!
If you’re looking for a longer chat at this stage hitting me up via Signal or Twitter DM is your best bet… (but please also know that this is a REALLY terrible week for basically everyone who’s working in infosec, and if we can’t talk for long it’s nothing personal - RSAC is legit crazy).

See you folks at the circus!

Casey Ellis

Casey Ellis

chairman/founder/cto @bugcrowd

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