practical prepping for hacker summer camp

practical prepping for hacker summer camp

- 4 mins

Here are some last-minute security and general “staying vertical” notes I shared with a few folks who are headed to B-Sides/Diana/Queercon/Blackhat/DEF CON. There are lots of other posts on Vegas survival, and I’ll post a list of them in a little bit… This one is focussed on super practical personal and operational security.

I’ve tried to keep it very simple and accessible, and to encourage a productive paranoia for folks who are attending without going full tinfoil hat/burner phone/all the things.

Before you leave…

As you travel:

On the ground (security stuff):



On the ground (other stuff):

Most of all… Have fun, meet people, and learn something new!

This is the gathering point for much of our cybersecurity (builder/breaker/defender, and everything around and in-between) tribe, and my favorite and most feared week of the year.

See you in the desert.

Casey Ellis

Casey Ellis

founder/chairman/cto @bugcrowd. security entrepreneur.

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