sms scams – what can be done?

- 3 mins

First things first… If you receive a spam SMS you should forward the message to the Australian Media and Communications Authority Spam SMS service on 0429 999 888. I recommend doing it a few times. This is the proper way to deal with this issue.

Now… for those of you who are the “direct action” type… Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about the recent SMS scam circulating Australia (and I’ve no doubt the world)…

So, based on what we can find out, a few reasonably strong presumptions can be made…

So how do we either…

  1. Get’s attention that illegal, intrusive and predatory spamming is going on or
  2. Reduce the profitability of the scam to the point where they are forced to reconsider if paying dodgy affiliates is a good idea…?


Casey Ellis

Casey Ellis

founder/chairman/cto @bugcrowd. security entrepreneur.

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